2017 Dodge Challenger GT
February 20, 2017


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What is Auto Edit?

Welcome to AutoEdit, a new and slightly more irreverent weekly feature from Wheelbase Media.
Rather than your pages being a collection of random auto stories, the AutoEdit feature is intended to be the glue that holds it all together. Just as your editorial page is intended to be the pulse of your newspaper, Auto Edit can also be the pulse of your auto pages.

Auto edit runs 500-550 words and is all about your readers becoming more familiar with our key staff members via their personal views on the automotive world. Of all 18 of our weekly features, AutoEdit is the only one intended to provide weekly commentary. Journalistically speaking, this is just common sense since such commentary does not belong in our other news-type features.

Whether your readers agree or disagree with what’s written, they’ll know exactly how the writers of AutoEdit stand on their chosen topics. And, quite frankly, a little spirited debate is a healthy thing and that seems to be missing from more and more newspapers these days. AutoEdit is all about soul, getting back to the basics of solid content and showing readers that there are real people behind the nine-point typeface.

Story Intro

For a car that burns the back tires as easily as the Dodge Challenger, a new all-wheel-drive option seems obvious, if not downright necessary.
By driving the front wheels as well as the rears, the car has enough grip to actually be useful when there’s snow on the ground.
The Challenger GT is the first of the pony-car group (that includes the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang) to drive all four wheels. This is indeed groundbreaking, but also incredibly frustratingly as the system is only available with the base V-6 and not with any of the V-8 models, which could really use the traction.

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