Number 6, Ed Welburn
AutoKnow July 17, 2017

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Number 6, Ed Welburn</br>AutoKnow July 17, 2017

Only a handful of people have held the top design job at General Motors. Ed Welburn retired in 2016 with a long list of successes, enough to earn him a place in the Automotive Hall of Fame.

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Big wheels
AutoKnow May 8, 2017

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Big wheels</br>AutoKnow May 8, 2017

Over the years, the streets of Hollywood have been a showcase of celebrity rides. Here are a few of the more famous and downright infamous.

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Shake, rattle and roll
AutoKnow May 1, 2017

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Shake, rattle and roll</br>AutoKnow May 1, 2017

It’s one thing to be stranded on the side of the road near where you live. But it’s quite another to be stranded 1,000 miles from home on vacation where, with the added stress on your vehicle, it’s more likely to happen. Yes, indeed, according to auto experts (all auto experts) planning and preparation actually works. Who knew. Sarcasm aside, of course we know this, so why don’t many of us follow our gut instincts . . . or all that wholesome professional advice?

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Reel rides
AutoKnow February 7, 2017

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Reel rides</br>AutoKnow February 7, 2017

The email floodgates are about to open. All car lovers have their favorite iconic movie rides that helped capture the pulse of individual films and at times entire generations. The following is just one list, hardly meant to be the definitive list of all movie cars, ever, so email your suggestions, and why, using the contact information at the end of the story. In no particular order:

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Seat time
AutoKnow January 30, 2017

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Seat time</br>AutoKnow January 30, 2017

What’s a ‘real’ interior?
Look at an Audi or BMW. Comfy, sophisticated, highly detailed and tailored. They feel great and they fit.
However, domestic automakers, which have lagged far behind the likes of Audi, finally see the space where we spend most of our time (the interior) as sacred ground worthy of some real effort. You just have to look at the guts of the modern Ford Mustang to see the difference.

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Go with the floor
AutoKnow January 16, 2017

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Go with the floor</br>AutoKnow January 16, 2017

Chipped, cracked, abused, stained, filthy, dusty, boring . . . the garage floor.
But after decades of being the gray sheep of the flooring world in nearly every home and many businesses, this stale concrete slab is enjoying a renaissance of affordable improvement options to finally show its true colors, literally. From vivid tiles and decorative porcelain looks, to the more practical epoxy finishes, the art of the garage floor is gaining momentum by both professional installers and do-it-yourselfers.

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Michael Simcoe
AutoKnow January 9, 2017

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Michael Simcoe</br>AutoKnow January 9, 2017

Michael Simcoe is the first to say that many new career challenges lie ahead for him, first and foremost, filling the big shoes left behind.
With the retirement in July of General Motors designer Ed Welburn after his 44 years with the company, Simcoe, 58, from Australia, took over duties as the global styling chief for General Motors. He’s only the seventh person and the first non-American in the history of the company to get the job.

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The near future
AutoKnow December 5, 2016

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The near future</br>AutoKnow December 5, 2016

Strict emissions standards in the state of California and an elevated West Coast eco-consciousness typically turn November’s Los Angeles Auto Show into the premier showcase for electrified vehicles.
But during this time of cleaner burning engines, low fuel prices and budget-wary buyers, pricier electrics gave way this year on the L.A. stages to a robust lineup of more affordable and popular small trucks and utility vehicles.

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Fall fever
AutoKnow Sept 12, 2016

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Fall fever</br>AutoKnow Sept 12, 2016

For many people, car ‘care’ is a four-letter word.
But, like many things in life, you can save time by spending money. As well, when it comes to your vehicle, a dollar spent on the right products often equals many times that saved down the road on repairs, resale value and elbow grease. The following products were chosen for this reason. Wheelbase Media is not affiliated in any way with the following companies or their products.

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AutoKnow Sept 5, 2016

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Countermeasures</br>AutoKnow Sept 5, 2016

Counterfeit auto parts are a multibillion-dollar drain on the industry, and it’s so pervasive, even carmakers can be ripped off. Maysa Razavi, anti-counterfeiting manager for the International Trademark Association, said at least one luxury carmaker has fallen prey to ripoffs. ‘It’s not just consumers, but sophisticated buyers who get tricked,’ she said, declining to name the carmaker.
In 2015, the United States reported 132 seizures of counterfeit auto parts while Europe reported 637 seizures.

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