Hawaiian thrill ride
AutoKnow June 15, 2015


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Diversity matters. An automotive print product or Web site largely based on new-vehicle reviews is missing an enormous readership. Auto Know gives us the latitude to explore fantastic auto-related stories outside the realm of mere reviews. Whether it’s about how surround sound is engineered into a vehicle, European cars that will land on our shores, or knowing when it’s time to throw in the towel on your old beater, Auto Know is the perfect tool to capture new readers. . . with solid, interesting stories.

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More curves than a Hula girl,” brags the blue short-sleeved T-shirt. With 617 twists, bends, switchbacks and “oh-my-god” comments covering 52 miles of road, no kidding. “There’s no whining, no crying and no bellyaching.”
The tongue-in-cheek article of upper-body apparel makes more sense once you’ve braved the route to the oasis of Hana from the hippie-surfer-dude beach town of Paia (Pie-EE-ah) on Maui’s northeast coast. It might only be 52 miles to Hana from Paia, but it’s two hours of travel time, minimum, without stopping for any of the countless roadside natural attractions along the way.

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