Bring your vehicle back from the
brink with help from our shelves
Full Throttle September 12, 2016


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Use: Media professionals looking to diversify their automotive readership with women authors who provide their views on a wide variety of topics.

What it is: Courtney Hansen, America’s favorite Garage Girl and the former host of The Learning Channel’s Overhaulin’ auto makeover show, a new-book author and the host of Spike TV’s weekend “Power Block,” has teamed up with Wheelbase Communications for this exclusive column. If you’re looking to build more regular readership and to bring more women into the pages of your print publication and Web pages with the help of a friendly and outgoing automotive celebrity, this bi-weekly column that alternates with our own Rhonda Wheeler is a must.

Product specifications

  • About 800-900 words; Word text file plus high-resolution art files for print and Web use.
  • Mac and PC layout with accompanying text and art files for maximum work flexibility.
  • High-resolution artwork suitable for print.
  • Coming soon! Multi-platform page layout that opens with either Quark Xpress or Adobe Indesign.


There’s just one little problem with keeping a vehicle looking new: you drive it outdoors. You know, outdoors. Where there’s mud, gravel, tree sap, cats, tar and flying wildlife? Have I forgot anything? Ah yes, neglect. If your idea of “cleaning” is to go for a fast drive in the rain, vehicle resurrection will present a challenge, mostly because if you’re the neglectful type you won’t have a clue of how to begin. Taking on this battle without some knowledge is like showing up for a physics final exam when you don’t even take physics.

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