Profiles, Chris Economaki
January 14, 2019

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Profiles, Chris Economaki</br>January 14, 2019

Whether conducting on-air interviews with his microphone thrust into the face of a name-brand driver, or reporting the latest happenings within the pages of his National Speed Sport News, Economaki, who died in 2012, was known for providing the straight goods. His TV persona was that of a favorite uncle who told stories and spun yarns that kept you captivated as a kid.

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Profiles, Alan Mulally
August 20, 2018

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Profiles, Alan Mulally</br>August 20, 2018

Alan Mulally had a very good question for his team on the first day of work at Ford.  “Why in the world did we get rid of the Taurus?” he asked his managers gathered in Dearborn, Mich., that day.  You could have heard a pen drop.  Good question.  It didn’t take Mulally long to make an impression at Ford.  He might have been a guy with a long and distinguished background in the aerospace industry, but the question was not rocket science. Or jet planes, for that matter.

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Profiles, Walter P. Chrysler
August 13, 2018

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Profiles, Walter P. Chrysler</br>August 13, 2018

The two-story home with the white siding and matching picket fence in sleepy Ellis, Kan., still stands, a monument to a man who’s better known by his name than his face.  Tours are still given. For a small fee you can see the barn where the 18-year-old boy, first hired as a sweeper at the Kansas Pacific Railroad, made his own steam locomotive, and where the 22-year-old man left to make a fortune, one that was worth US $37 billion to German automaker Mercedes-Benz in 1998.

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Profiles, Jules Felix Philippe Albert de Dion
July 30, 2018

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Profiles, Jules Felix Philippe Albert de Dion</br>July 30, 2018

De Dion’s company struck gold in 1899 with the creation of a high-speed single-cylinder engine that would be licensed to 150 different carmakers and motorcycle manufacturers and find its way into de Dion’s own cars.  By 1900, de Dion-Bouton was the world’s largest carmaker with an annual production of 400 vehicles and 3,200 engines.

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Profiles, Louis Renault
July 16, 2018

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Profiles, Louis Renault</br>July 16, 2018

Born in February of 1877 to a wealthy family of Paris merchants, Renault was the last of five children but the first one interested in all things mechanical. He was intuitive and practical. It was obvious he was different.  Renault failed his school entrance exam but by the age of 20 he had converted his De Dion-Bouton tricycle into a small, four-wheeled vehicle.

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Profiles, W. Edwards Deming
June 25, 2018

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Profiles, W. Edwards Deming</br>June 25, 2018

In the late 1930s, Deming, a professor of statistics at New York University, developed the so-called “statistical process control,” a philosophy that would revolutionize car production using statistics as a tool to achieve better quality control. Essentially, his idea was to record the number of product defects, analyze why they happened, institute changes and then record how much quality improved. The essence was refining the process until it was done right.

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Profiles, Flaminio Bertoni
April 2, 2018

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Profiles, Flaminio Bertoni</br>April 2, 2018

One of the 20th century’s most gifted automobile designers, Flaminio Bertoni was responsible for creating the bodywork of classic and stylistically diverse vehicles as elegant as the industry has ever seen.  A designer primarily for the French automaker Citroen, Bertoni left a remarkable stamp, one that was fresh, vibrant and beautiful. His vehicles drew adoring crowds. He was admired, respected and copied and never duplicated. Not that it was easy getting there.

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Profiles, Cale Yarborough
March 19, 2018

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Profiles, Cale Yarborough</br>March 19, 2018

Born March 27, 1939, Yarborough used to say it was in his blood. But it was even better than that.  His four wins at NASCAR’s famed Daytona 500 track in Daytona Beach, Fla., are backed up by his 83 overall wins and his 70 starts from the pole position. For 40 years his career was a colorful one, on and off the track. Yarborough was a daredevil.

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Profiles, Phil Hill
March 12, 2018

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Profiles, Phil Hill</br>March 12, 2018

More than five decades ago he was the first American to win the open-wheel F1 World Drivers Championship. For 17 years his record was unchallenged and today is only shared with one other American . . . named Mario Andretti. But Hill is still the only American-born F1 champion. It wasn’t easy. There was plenty of tragedy. But Hill stood out as one of racing’s best. What made him unique? What made him special?

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Profiles, Tom McCahill
February 26, 2018

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Profiles, Tom McCahill</br>February 26, 2018

Thomas Jay McCahill III never planned on being the first and foremost authority on rolling metal and glass.
His interests were simpler: An evening sail, an afternoon drink of scotch, or the morning snore of an idling V-8 on the winding driveway of his 80-acre ranch located off State Road 628, just outside 1,600-person Glen Gardner, N.J.  “A good sports car,” said McCahill before his death in May of 1975, “(is) like any other piece of good sporting equipment.”

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