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Fine Lines: Volkswagen Van
Fine Lines September 3, 2018

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Fine Lines: Volkswagen Van</br>Fine Lines September 3, 2018

With a minimum of horsepower, but a maximum of fun, reliability and adventure on a shoestring budget, Volkswagen’s boxy vans carted people to and from school, transported families on cross-country vacations and became the focal point for a generation of disaffected 1960s-era youth who shunned mainstream automobiles in favor of these rolling political and cultural icons.

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Fine Lines: Corvette Grand Sport
Fine Lines August 20, 2018

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Fine Lines: Corvette Grand Sport</br>Fine Lines August 20, 2018

In mid-1962, the first of what would become five special Corvettes, labeled the Grand Sport, began to take shape. Loosely based on the new-for-1963 Sting Ray coupe, each featured a tubular aluminum chassis, extra-thin fiberglass body panels and clear-plastic windows. The Grand Sport’s engine bay contained an aluminum-block fuel-injected V-8 that had been increased to 377 cubic inches from the original 327.

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Fine Lines: The Original Beetle
Fine Lines August 6, 2018

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Fine Lines: The Original Beetle</br>Fine Lines August 6, 2018

Most people are familiar with the rags-to-riches story of what became a mainstay on North American roads, and introduced millions of drivers to the joys of cheap, efficient automobile ownership. If you or your family never owned a Beetle, you certainly had plenty of friends, family or co-workers who did.

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Fine Lines: Bugatti Veyron
Fine Lines July 16, 2018

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Fine Lines: Bugatti Veyron</br>Fine Lines July 16, 2018

Bugatti’s factory in France turned out about 8,000 vehicles in total, including some of the most successful racing machinery of the 1920s and ’30s as well as small runs of luxury cars from 1910-’57, 10 years after his death at age 66. All were known for their power and extraordinary beauty and the surviving cars represent iron-clad investments for their owners.

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Fine Lines: Roads?
Fine Lines June 25, 2018

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Fine Lines: Roads?</br>Fine Lines June 25, 2018

As odd as it was, the Lunar Rover was one of the most celebrated modes of personal transportation ever to be built.
Talk about a niche vehicle.  As the star of the last three missions to the moon, the Rover provided the means for six intrepid adventurers — two per mission — to traverse the lunar landscape, collect rocks and soil samples and beam their experiences directly into our homes.

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Fine Lines: Ferrari 308
Fine Lines April 2, 2018

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Fine Lines: Ferrari 308</br>Fine Lines April 2, 2018

The 308’s stunning silhouette along with a weekly dose of exposure on Magnum created an unprecedented level of publicity and turned millions of viewers into savvy Ferrari spotters.  Ferrari diligently toiled on solving the 308’s anemic powerplant problems and by 1981 had introduced a more responsive fuel-injection setup that replaced the original Weber carburetors. Zero-to-60-mph times dropped below the eight-second mark while a top velocity of 145 mph was in sight.

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Fine Lines: 1970 Chevelle
Fine Lines March 26, 2018

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Fine Lines: 1970 Chevelle</br>Fine Lines March 26, 2018

Ask anyone to name the best muscle car of all time and the answers will largely be rooted in brand loyalty. For Chevrolet fans, it’s the Chevelle, a car that might actually be the best muscle car of all time, bar done. The vast majority of the Chevelles sold were affordable four-door family sedans or wagons, since the car was roomy and economical. Two-door models were rarer, but the rarest of the rare — the “big-block” Chevelles with their 396- and 454-cubic-inch engines — are what everyone remembers.

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Fine Lines: Ford Cortina
Fine Lines March 12, 2018

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Fine Lines: Ford Cortina</br>Fine Lines March 12, 2018

The Mark I Cortina, named after a town in Italy, was launched in June of 1962 as a replacement for Ford of England’s aging Consul model. To keep development costs down, the car made use of existing hardware, including the 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine and rudimentary suspension. However, the body style (two and four doors) was a completely fresh undertaking and was considered extremely roomy for sedans in its class.

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Fine Lines: The first Sting Ray
Fine Lines February 5, 2018

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Fine Lines: The first Sting Ray</br>Fine Lines February 5, 2018

The fastest, toughest, meanest Corvette Sting Ray on the block arrived in 1966. The optional ($437.10) 427-cubic-inch powerplant was available in 390- and 425-horsepower versions. That latter’s three two-barrel-carb setup turned the $6,000 Corvette into a heart-stopping monster that could reel off zero-to-60-mph runs in less than 5.5 seconds. But the 427 saga didn’t end there.

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Fine Lines: Porsche 993 Turbo
Fine Lines January 8, 2018

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Fine Lines: Porsche 993 Turbo</br>Fine Lines January 8, 2018

The 993 series Porsche 911 Turbo has the reputation of being one of the best production Porsches to ever hit the streets: all-wheel drive; twin turbochargers; 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque; and a six-speed manual transmission. Other 911 Turbos have gone faster, but few stir the soul like the 993.

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