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Use: Media professionals demanding top-quality automotive content for their print products and/or Web sites. Professional artwork, editing.

What it is: Weekly automotive infographics that inform, enlighten and delight readers. Our high-impact infographics add visual appeal and variety to your auto-section pages. Wheelbase’s designers are some of the best in the business with numerous awards for dynamic newsgraphics and page design. AutoGraph will show your readers,
with engaging visual style, what they want and need to know about their automobiles as well as today’s trends. These professional, useful and intelligent graphics will help raise the profile of
your auto section.

Product specifications

  • Designed using Macromedia Freehand (for backward
    compatibility for most systems).
  • Mac or PC use/cross-platforming
  • Native Freehand file; Freehand EPS file (which is how
    to edit the InfograFX with Adobe Illustrator;
    and a 300 dpi CMYK low-compression jpg file.
  • Size depends on topics and can dramatically vary from
    graphic to graphic.
  • Wheelbase Communications uses typical system

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