Auto Almanac

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Use:Media professionals demanding non-tradi- tional and interesting automotive content for print/Web.

What it is: A treasure trove of essential automotive quick hits. After designing a highly successful Almanac for one of our daily-newspaper customers, we wondered if we could put together an automotive version. As a result, your new Auto Almanac contains trivia, concept-car spy info, auction notes and even games. All along the way, we invite readers to interact and submit their own ideas.

Product specifications

  • Mac and PC page layout with accompanying text and art files for maximum work flexibility.
  • High-resolution artwork suitable for print.
  • Multi-platform page layout opens with either Quark Xpress or Adobe Indesign.
  • Layout is the standard one-column newspaper format, but can be reconfigured by your designer to fit most spaces and shapes.
  • PDF of layout included.
  • About 600 words: NO separate text file included.
  • Fonts are not included, but we attempt to stay with standard system fonts. If not, just change the fonts to match your style.

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Below: folder contents of a typical Auto Almanac feature.

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